We are currently writing another series of articles on SharePoint: sharepoint list -- the concepts of sharepoint list and how to effectively manage it sharepoint version control -- the internals of sharepoint version control and how to administer and manage the versions sharepoint permissions -- how to manage the permissions in a large enterprise sharepoint environment sharepoint server farm -- how to set up a high availability sharepoint server farm sharepoint document library -- the details on how to get your ways around the document library in sharepoint sharepoint configuration -- the configurations needed for different sharepoint network scenarios sharepoint css -- making the most out of customizing sharepoint frontend sharepoint web services -- some of the most convienent ways to communicate with the internals of sharepoint There are many ways in which one can be doing installing sharepoint services. Sometimes installing sharepoint is not so easy since there are many steps and options to choose from. There are many things such as sharepoint services search in moss 2007 that one must be aware of before using it. The sharepoint blog, as well as customizing sharepoint are all important parts of sharepoint how to. Using sharepoint includes sharepoint install plus many other factors. At times sharepoint access plays an important role in installation of sharepoint. Sometimes people just like to customize sharepoint just to show that it can be done, and often is done by making the sharepoint site template. Included in the sharepoint services 2003 there are also the sharepoint services site.